Movable Type

Movable Type for AWS Support Services

Standard Support

Standard customer support is provided for Movable Type users (MT Users) who have accepted the "Movable Type License Agreement for Amazon Web Services". Support is valid for 1 year starting from the license registered date, and the validity period can be extended with further purchases.

Movable Type License Agreement for Amazon Web Services:

All queries are answered through email. Phone correspondence is not available. General response time is about 2-3 business days.

If you wish to receive support through mediums other than email or need help with commissioning website construction, please contact Six Apart's support partner, ProNet.

ProNet HomePage:

Support Topic

Admin Screen Operations / Settings
Help with questions regarding operations / settings on the admin screen [mt.cgi].
Configuration File [mt-config.cgi]
Help with settings and editing the configuration file [mt-config.cgi].
Update / Upgrade
Help with Updating / upgrading Movable Type.
Errors / Malfunctions
Help with errors / malfunctions that occur while using Movable Type. It is extremely helpful to save or make note of error message(s) received when the error occurred. Please understand that not all errors / malfunctions can be fixed. Also, support staff cannot help with errors / malfunctions caused by operations not compatible with the MT User's personal environment.
Viewing Published Blogs
Help with how a published Movable Type blog is displayed. Note that support staff cannot help solve problems caused by the MT User's environment (OS / browser).
Manual / Product Specifications
Help with Movable Type information manuals and product specifications.
Tags (MT Tag)
Help with the use of Movable Type tags (MT Tags). Explanations on the basics of MT Tag notation, site construction and template creation is not covered by support. Also, support staff cannot answer general HTML and stylesheet questions.
Miscellaneous / Support
Help with questions regarding Movable Type standard support and other miscellaneous issues not mentioned in this document.

About Movable Type Support Services

  1. It is highly recommended that the MT User read through the official Movable Type Manual prior to contacting customer support. Depending on the question, answers from customer support might be exactly the same as information provided in the manual.
  2. Questions related to Movable Type and official plugins can be answered by customer support. Customer support can not help with problems related to non-Six Apart products, software required to run Movable Type, third party plugins, third party software that connects to Movable Type and general software required for installing and setting up Movable Type.
  3. The MT User holds the responsibility of confirming their computing environment is compatible for use with Movable Type. Customer support cannot help with questions about servers, non-Six Apart software, database construction or environment set-up.
  4. Support staff will not and can not log in to a MT User's Movable Type account. Do not include your Movable Type login name and password in the contact form. Support staff may not respond to questions that contain login information. Six Apart staff will never ask you for your login information.
  5. Support is offered for the latest version of Movable Type only. Many problems can be resolved by upgrading to the latest version. After a major version upgrade of Movable Type has occurred, support for previous versions will end after a certain amount of time, specified by Six Apart.
  6. Questions about modifying the Movable Type source code, as well as problems caused by the modification of Movable Type source code, can not be answered by customer support.
  7. Solutions given to the MT User from customer support should be regarded as advice. We cannot guarantee that all questions can be answered or that all solutions given will fix the submitted query.
  8. How the information given by customer support is used is up to the MT User's discretion. Six Apart can not be held responsible for problems or damage directly resulting from MT User actions.
  9. Six Apart does not guarantee solutions to all problems sent to customer support. Also, the length of time that customer support services remains valid for any MT User can be changed at the discretion of Six Apart.
  10. All information given by customer support related to Movable Type (except for MT User related information) is owned by Six Apart and as such cannot be published without express permission.
  11. Support is offered for as long as the MT User's product license is valid. If Six Apart discovers that the MT User has invalidated their user agreement, the provided support time period can be shortened or canceled.
  12. Six Apart has the right to update the information provided in this document without prior notice.

Unsupported Topics

The following topics are not covered by AWS support services.

  • Queries not sent through the contact form
  • Site building and design
  • Software required for Movable Type operations
  • Third party plugins
  • Third party software designed to be used with Movable Type
  • Operation of software necessary for installation / set-up
  • Problems related to the MT User's personal environment
  • Advice on computing environments
  • Logging in to a MT User's Movable Type account
  • General instructions on MT Tag, HTML and stylesheet notation
  • Plugin development for Movable Type expansion
  • Problems related to modifying or modified source code
  • Problems with versions of Movable Type older than the latest version
  • Questions unrelated to Movable Type for AWS
  • Non-Six Apart products

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00
  • Closed Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and Japanese New Years holidays

Support services are available during normal Six Apart business hours. Support is closed weekends, public holidays and throughout the Japanese New Years holiday period. Although general response time can take up to 3 business days, there is a chance the wait time may take longer depending on the issue and the amount of questions received by customer support during a given time period. Queries sent after 5:00 pm on a weekday will not be processed until the following business day.

If you do not receive a response after 3 business days, there is a chance an error occurred in which case please re-send your question using the contact form. Questions not sent with the contact form will not be answered.