How to register your license key to download Movable Type packages

This tutorial explains how to register your license key and download a Movable Type package. Once you purchased a new license, you will receive an email which includes a Movable Type license key. In order to download software, you need to register your license key on our software repository server.

Create your Six Apart ID (SA:ID)

First, let's create your new account on the software repository server.

Create a new SA:ID

Please fill in the form to register your profile.

Create your new user name

You will receive a confirmation email to activate your Six Apart ID.

Activate your SA:ID

Activate your account.

Complete registration

Register your license

After sign-in, click Register License in the left menu bar.

Register your Movable Type license

Input your license key and click Register.

Input your license key

You will see your purchased license on Your Licenses section.

Select your license

Select your preferred version of Movable Type to download.

Download a package